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May 2014 CONTENTS: Self-Realization and Meditation; Reality Adaptation; Interconnectedness; CCC; Letters; Miscellany; Stillness; Ubuntu and Mentori 8
April 2014 Contents: URTH, Editorially Speaking About April; Observation Post on Inequality of Wealth; Alex Wall on Ultimatons & Our Perception of Reality; updates on The Garden Project and Light Line Broadcasts; sundry invitations, blurbs, humor, and more. 12
March 2014 CONTENTS: Venus (Feb.-March); Editorially Speaking; Observation Post; The Trap-Maker and the Pit; Addiction & Mental Health; Merium on Stillness; Letters to the Editors; The New Macho Man; Parable of a Child 10
February 2014 Contents Include: Mercury, Approval & Acceptance, Groundhog Day Syndrome, Valentine's Day, Deadwood, Nephalim, Light Line, Letske, and Spoonerisms 8
January 2014 Contents: The Zooid Month of NADIR; Editorially Yours: About Time; The Observation Post: Delayed Gratification; Announcement from the Teaching Mission Network; Invitation to a Conference on Love and Leadership; Correcting Time News; World Day of Peace Message on Fraternity from Pope Francis. 14
December 2013 CONTENTS: Teachers Ophelius and Elyon; Alex' poetry; Marketing Christmas; Underground Tunnels; Garden Project; David's Commentary; Byron's Invitation; etc. 12
November 2013 Contents: Service, Human Rights, Avalon Gardens, Gobekli Tepe, and much more. 10
October 2013 CONTENTS: Gators in the Glades; Speaking of Sanctimony; Ham, on Truth and Deception; Cure: re Psychopaths; Atheist Church; Hearing Voices; Dark Ages; Letters to the Editor, UB Reader Survey; Light Line and more. 8
September 2013 CONTENTS: LIVING WILL; Letters; Timothy Wyllie and his Rebel Angels; Donna D'Ingillo Developments; Light Line; 11:11 Progress Group; etcetera. 10
August 2013 SOCIAL NETWORKS: Michael Di'Mattia, Angus Bowen, Donna D'Ingillo, Mark Bloomfield, 11:11 Progress Group, TeamCircuits, Calendar Calls 8
July 2013 PATRIOTISM; FREEDOM; Correcting Time Headlines; Pato Banton Retiring; CCC Update; New TML ListOps; Abraham on Freedom; Marty Greenhut's Letter to the Editor on Progressive Education; LIGHT LINE Schedule, New Phone Number and New Facilitator. 11
June 2013 Dr. Seuss, Trapped in Belief, World Government, iHealings and new Light Line Phone Numbers. 6
May 2013 Featuring Alex Wall and Marty Greenhut. Promotions for Byron Belitsos' coverage in Om Magazine, featuring Jerry Lane, and introducing Daniel Raphael's new book. News from TeaM Net and CCC. An invitation from the San Geronimo Lodge. Letters to the Editor, Calendar Calls, and MORE! 12
April 2013 The Brain: It's All in the Mind; Cognitive Liberty, Part 3: Psychedelics; New artwork from; The Observation Post; Other Interesting Stuff to Share; CCC's Upcoming Conference; Notable Quotes; Monjoronson Morphs into Serara; Letters to the Editor; Telephonic Broadcasts 12
March 2013 Think About It! Richard Omura's Journey to the Center of the Soul; The Observation Post; Alex Wall's Cognitive Thinking, Drugs 2; Correcting Time Headlines; CCC’S 1ST National Gathering; Social Sustainability; Jerry Lane’s Interviews; Potpourri; Letters to the Editor 12
Feburary 2013 Editorially Speaking of The Correcting Time; COGNITIVE LIBERTY: Drug Decriminalization, Part I; Observation Post on Weapons Restrictions; Tom Atlee Imagines; Scientology Exposed; Creating Cultural Memes; Prolotheos' Lesson on Violence; Plugging the Troops; Potpourri, Letters to the Editors. 12
January 2013 The Observation Post: Patience; Mayan Calendar End-Date, Jim Papp; Media Corruption; COGNITIVE LIBERTY, Alex Wall; Heroes from 2012; Miscellany and Letters to the Editors. 12
December 2012 Editorially Speaking; The Observation Post; Mayan Calendar; Billy Graham; Patricia Cota-Robles; The Shift Network; Birthing & Bridging; Living from Creation; Financial Awakening; DNA and More DNA; Channeling Spirits; Ron Besser; FOG; Jim Cleveland; Points of Light, Letters to the Editor; Calendar Call; Parting Shots 12
November 2012 Singularity; Sacred Geometry; Two 11:11 lessons; "Home"; Vote; Veterans' Day; Persistence; Letters to the Editor; "Cultivating Social Consciousness"; Quivering on the Brink; Alex Wall’s Blue Window; Harp's Book Sale; Jerry Lane’s Book; Thanksgiving and a Prayer 10
October 2012 "Living a Dream" - Team Building - Garden Project - Richard Omura - Donna D'Ingillo - Pato Banton & Antoinette Hall - In Memorium: Chick Montgomery and Jerry Evans - A Zooidal Idea - Harp Book Sale - Calendar Calls 12
September 2012 The Apocalyspe Issue: Observation Post; Apocalyptic Anxiety; Guns and Conspiracies; Power of Negative Thinking; Feel Free to Disagree; Teacher Ophelius; Editorially Speaking (about Sobriety); Driving Power; ; Evolving Souls e-zine; Social Sustainability Workshop; Calendar, etc. 12
August 2012 Magnetic Portals; Observation Post: Keep it Simple; Introducing "Gardenbrain"; Byron Belitsos on Coast to Coast amid books by Bob Devine, Charlie Fox, Jerry Lane and a UB summer sale. Happy Birthday, Jesus! 10
July 2012 In this Issue: The Observation Post on "Heroes"; Gabriel of Urantia Interviews; Editorially Speaking of "The Independent Spirit"; Updates from the Urantia Community, The Teaching Mission, and The Progress Group 8
June 2012 In This Issue: Memes and Genes: The Observation Post, Editorially Speaking. Christianity and the New Age; 5 Lessons in Human Goodness; Have they got Heaven all Wrong?; Nuns Rebuked; Book of the Month; Why Fiction is Good for You; Celestial Correspondence; Calendar Call 9
May 2012 The Mother Issue: Play Fair; Can I Get A Witness; Femininism’s Final Frontier; Was Jesus Gay?; You Can Change the World; Featured Films; Messages from Mother; Calendar 10
April 2012 Observation Post: “Everything Matters” [Angus Bowen]; The TEACHING MISSION NETWORK Debuts [Jim Cleveland]; “Unfolding the Cultural Matrix of Revelation” [Byron Belitsos]; COSMIC CONTACT, Excerpts from the UB; Letters; Calendar 14
March 2012 John Lennon's "Imagine"; David Butterfield's Prayer for Jerusalem; Gerdean O'Dell's Editorial; Richard Omura's Freedom Manifesto; Letters to the Editor; Angus Bowen's Observation Post; Book of the Month {Spiritual Bypassing}; Learning About Love, from a hospice chaplain; and Calendar Call 10
February 2012 Free-Running Sled Dogs; Americans Live in a Bubble; Rise of the New Groupthink; Zeitgeist; We Make the World; Calendar Updates 12

January 2012

Editorially Speaking [Vern Grimsley]; The Observation Post [Transitioning]; Letters to the Editor; The Living Universe; Financial Damnation; Meltdown; How Does One Know? Roots of the UB Movement 10
December 2011 Editorially Speaking; The Observation Post; Co-Creating the Portal; You Were Made For This; Millennial Momentum; DVD of the Month; Creating a New Paradigm; The Galactic Federation; Miscellany; Letters to the Editor; I’ve Learned 14
November 2011 The Observation Post [Patience]; Editorially Speaking [Revolution] 11:11; 11/11/11; Tree of Golden Light; CCC and Origin Press; Zeitgeist and T/RNN; Light Line & MSM Schedules; Letters to the Editor 8
October 2011 Artwork from Miss O’Dell’s Studio; Editorially Speaking (A Franciscan Blessing); The Observation Post (on Authority) ; How Anti-Authoritarians Can Fight Back; Has Religion Driven us Apart or Drawn us Together? Is the GOP a Religion? Conservative-ism ; Super Heroes; The Portal’s Book of the Month; What if they Land?


September 2011 Editorially Speaking; Observation Post; Living with Polarity; Religion versus Spirituality; The Inevitabilities; Mayan Portals; ABC Summaries Update: Cleansing the Urantia Grid and Redefining the Magisterial Mission; Fall Retreat at St. Dorothy’s Rest; Letters to the Editor


Special Edition

IC-11 – Photos of UU; recaps of presentations; commentary.



August 2011

Mostly About Money:  The Observation Post; Apocalypse Investors; Startling Revelations From a Swiss Banking Insider; New American Socialism; “Binding the Wounds”; Bzutu


July 2011

The Path Toward Enlightenment; The Next Scheduled Disaster; The Observation Post; Anticipating Salt Lake City; Latter Day Saints; Featured Book of the Month; Remembering Rick Giles


June 2011

The Observation Post; For Your Consideration; Editorially Speaking; Book of the Month; When Prophesies Fail; 10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases; The Ant Story; Up and Coming; Word Play 


May 2011

The Observation Post; Marty’s Blog; Teaching Mission Network; Editorially Speaking; Paul Conklin; Teach us to Love; Quivering on the Brink; Odds & Ends


April 2011

The Observation Post; Freedom and the Spiritual Life; Not a Safe Bet to Believe in God; Weedmart: Marijuana Superstores; Editorially Speaking of Cults; Featured Book for April; Odds & Ends: Light Line Schedule 


March 2011

SPACE: Observation Post; Alien Life; Epochal Changes in viewing our Universe and Galaxies of Space; ET Genes in DNA; Galactic Round Table; and More


February 2011

Head Notes: TZM; Observation Post: Consideration for Others; Honor Thyself; Native American Truth Speaker; Unity, not Uniformity; 


January 2011

Editorially Speaking of Interpretations; the Church Within: Interpretations; Observation Post: Finances; Moral People Give Back; Disclosure Predictions


December 2010

10 Commandments for Global Humanism; Observation Post; The Greatest Gift: Religion of Spirit; Eagle and Condor Meet in Visionary Gathering of Souls


November 2010

Socio-Spiritual  Economics; New Thought / New Age; Mission Activators


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