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This website remains open as a Memorial to
its Founder and Creator, Gerdean O'Dell,
who passed through the Portal to the
Next World, September 19, 2014.


To many, OBE means "Out of Body Experience." Karen Bowen d/b/a Gerdean O'Dell and Angus Bowen are no stranger to metaphysics, but they are well grounded in the finite reality of material existence. Even as they push the envelope of conventional spirituality, they know that this world is where we live and work and have our being. Their work focuses mostly on The Word in its many manifestations: theirs and yours, personal and professional, fact and fiction, written and oral, sacred and profane. Come inside to learn how OBE is geared to serve you. Scroll down to view our other ventures..
The Portal is our new monthly publication. The idea is to peek through the porthole of time and space into another dimension, another perception, another interpretation than what we are accustomed. Like looking through a kaleidoscope, it is easy to see things entirely differently from only a slight nudge, and who is to say which vision is better than another? Each peek is a delight! A new view is not necessarily better, but it�s worth knowing about, if only to help us identify with how other minds think and believe. Writers are encouraged to submit. Enter the portal here.
Spirits of Promise
Seven Chakra Vortices &
Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits


SPIRIT LIVES WITHIN YOU!  It is discernable. This book will help you recognize the impulse to act and enable you to choose to respond by animal instinct or through the spirit of intuition.  It will help you understand what spirit is trying to show you so you can gather your courage to act rightly. It will show you how to counsel with your Source, in faith and with wisdom. 

It is no secret
You can advance your own spirit reality.



"The Zooid Mission" is speculative fiction at its best. Gerdean's 500-page sci-fi intergalactic romance offers a prototype for a future world in which the mortal altruists, who co-created and inhabit the experimental life stations of the Jural Colony Project, patterned their civilization after the concepts that were revealed to their consciousness by intelligent life in the universe. These mortals, who affectionately refer to themselves as Zooids to indicate their social solidarity, know that life, and therefore love, last forever.

This quintessential intergalactic love story, told from a female perspective, is a font of insight and inspiration for those who work to create tomorrow today.



Harp of God Foundation, Inc., publishes revelatory and visionary works. It became a legal entity in the United States' Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1999. We chose the name "Harp of God" for our publishing foundation because we hope to network the cosmic broadcasts that are coming in to our world daily. Revelation, inspiration, heavenly guidance and support are pouring in to all peoples, all religions, in all languages and belief systems. We hope to make these broadcasts available electronically, in print, and as audio and video presentations.



The Association for
Light and Life

Was established in 2004. It exists to serve those who serve. Their site is  Angus served on the Council and Gerdean was the Newsletter Editor. You can find the newsletter archive here.


The flood of spiritual messages coming to us are referred to as prophesy, heresy, channeling and/or transmitting/ receiving. Its practitioners have been called prophets, seers, scribes, channelers, and natural philosophers. Their practices have been ridiculed, coveted, reviled and followed for centuries. One thing is certain, they are on the increase and they are here to stay. Are the messages subconscious uprisings, or superconscious impressions? Are the messages allegories, parables, or downright lies? Are they gifts from God or the handwork of the Devil?

Gerdean became a protoge of the spirits at age five and became active as a T/R in 1993. Enter here.


Welcome to Miss O'Dell's Studio. I have always enjoyed drawing, and I love fine art, but I never put the two together as something I might do, until in 1983 I needed a nice painting hang over my desk at a new office. When I discovered I could not afford to buy any of the paintings that I liked, I got some paints and brushes and created a nostalgic and cheerful landscape that drew enough acclaim that I opted to make my next work of art a portrait; thus my career as an artist was launched. I have made a point of creating art that my clients can afford, for no one should have to do without art in their lives.

Come in and take a look at a sampling of my paintings. "Oasis" shown at left.


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